Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Creative Reality TV Shows

Love it or hate it, reality television has become a part of our media culture.  I remember watching the first season of Survivor.  It was quite the experience.  My mom even watched it.  It is crazy to think now that Survivor is in it's 20 something season.  There has been many reality TV shows come and go since then.  Some great shows have gone away too soon while other shows have come and lasted way too long.  Some reality TV shows have showcased incredible creative talent.  Here is a list of the one's I find most interesting (competition reality shows are a bit more interesting to me).

1. Clothing/Fashion - Project Runway

I think Project Runway is the clothing design reality TV competition. It has been going for quite a few seasons. Clothing is more interesting than models to me.

2. Food - Chopped

There are a variety of food reality shows.  Some are much better than others.  The creative shows are focussed on making food, making restaurants, and making chefs. Chopped is my favorite because of the framework and simplicity of the show.

3. Special Effect Make-up - Face Off

There is no competition in special effects make-up reality shows.  I like this show because it is really interesting to see how special effects make-up is created.  It is not a creative medium that I previously knew much about.

4. Interior Design - HGTV Design Star

One thing they do on HGTV Design Star that I really like is the white box challenge. It is fun to see different designer's personalities, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.  This show really gives a variety of ways and means of design.

5. Business - Shark Tank

Like Chopped, Shark Tank is simple.  It is not as much of a competition as the other shows are, but it is fun to watch and gives good insight into how people come up with ideas and how they can make ideas profitable.

There definitely needs to be more shows where creativity is the star.  These shows are inspiring and really makes me want to go and be creative myself.

What do you think? What shows or categories did I miss?


Jessica said...

You mention survivor, which to me is a great reality tv show. I would suggest that there be a category for shows that are just competition based and the contestants do not need a specific skill set to participate. Shows like survivor, the amazing race, solitary, etc, could all be canidates.

Andrew Zahn said...

I hadn't hear of the special effects make-up show! I'm gonna have to check it out. Love that stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Dannon Loveland said...

I heard about it from a local newspaper because a kid I went to school with was in it (he did really well and in fact became the runner-up). It's a fun show. You will have to check it out.


I think this type of show give birth to confilt and create negativity in long term which is real for present but not future


I think this type of show give birth to confilt and create negativity in long term which is real for present but not future

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recs! I love these kinds of shows. Do you know of any in the past 5 years that are artistic? I remember one from a long time ago that was specifically artists, but I haven't heard of any like that since.

Melisa Marzett said...

I don't like TV shows, honesty, I don't know what they can teach! proves that such shows can destroy your brain!