Sunday, May 1, 2011

MS Psychology School Counseling

The first two semesters of my Master's degree is almost over.  I have learned a lot about school counseling.

The final in my Intro to School Counseling class was a comprehensive essay where I had to tell everything I know about school counseling. It was pretty rewarding to be able to look at the pages I wrote and see what I have learned over the course of the semester.  It wasn't like other finals I have taken where I hoped I guessed the right answer or felt gypped that the information wasn't covered or even the finals where I was happy because I had studied (crammed) all of the right information.  I truly felt that I had learned something and I had pages of information to prove it. I have a good foundation and I can move on from here and add more information and knowledge.

I sat in the same seat the entire semester. Sometimes I would draw pictures.

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