Thursday, October 22, 2015

Should I Write?

Should I Write?

If the things you want to write always come out sad, do you, should you, continue to write? If the things you write don't seem to have value, is that a reason to stop writing? Is there any way to ensure that what you write will be positive and of value? I think the important thing is to continue writing. I am saying this to myself because I don't have any authority to say it to another person. I am that person who talks himself out of writing because of time or laziness or lack of anything to write. But those things are simply not true.

Write Regardless of Outcome 

Writing and to be more more general creating, needs to be done regardless of the outcome. Once you have something down, you can go from there. With that being said, there is a second part that can take writing to the next level and that is editing and sharing. Those things are what has the potential of adding value to another person.

Write to Add Value

Writing in the first place, and just writing for the sake of writing, can have value for the individual writer, but editing and sharing are what makes it possible to add value to another person. One of the benefits of writing is that it gets things out of my mind. Another benefit is that writing creates an action. Creating action overtime is required if you want to have habits. I need to formalize and stick with the habits I want to have in my life. Writing is one of those habits. I can say that it doesn't matter what I write, and that may be true in the beginning, but beyond that I need to create and write in a value-added way.

It is good to write, it is better to write every day, it is best to write things of value every day.

Write to Become A Better Writer

If I learn to write good sentences. And then learn to write good paragraphs. And then learn to write good papers. That is one way to look at becoming a good writer. Something else that I can add into this is learning to begin with the end in mind in my writing, but also with all other things I do.

So there are a number of reasons I could write:

  1. For me, writing can be a form of planning. So that could be the first thing. 
  2. For two, writing can be a form of something to add to a blog and 
  3. (three) show/demonstrate that I am a good writer. What other reasons are there? 
  4. I could write to create a journal of my experiences and thoughts (four). 
  5. I can write to think or organize my thoughts (five). Most of my writing, especially in this system has come under that reason. 

Begin Writing with the End in Mind

Determining the reason before I start writing can affect what I write. If I am just writing to organize my thoughts, it might be appropriate for me just to write, much like a brain dump of sorts. If I am writing to share, I might be a little more methodical and focused. It would be good to remind myself before I write, the reason I write as well as remind myself after I write, why I wrote.

Review What You Write 

After writing, it would be beneficial because I can determine what action to take next. Most of the time, especially if I am working on (1) improving my writing or (2) making a record that I or someone else will read again, I will need to re-read what I wrote. I can add paragraphs, fix sentences and generally make what I write more readable. I can also add it to a blog or place to post. That will take a bit more effort because I talk myself out of posting and sharing the things I write. I need to remind myself that it is OK to share what I write even if it isn't perfect.

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